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The traditional Swiss brand personality flourishes in a symbiosis of design, quality and function. As the premium brand under the umbrella of the ROCA group LAUFEN is one of the leading international manufacturers with a worldwide distribution.

The company's core competence is its expertise in the manufacturing of ceramics. The LAUFEN brand has been producing groundbreaking bathroom products from the oldest artificial material known to mankind for 118 years now - in state-of-the-art plants and with legendary Swiss precision. Born of this ceramics expertise, know-how spanning all aspects of the bathroom has been developed and fashioned by LAUFEN to high design standards.

What sets LAUFEN products apart at first sight is the Swiss design as the fusion of two key design currents: emotional Italian design from the South, paired with the precision and clarity of the design tradition from the North.

For LAUFEN there are two aspects to quality: on the one hand production know-how and on the other product benefits conveyed by the finished bathroom to the customer - often only at second glance. As a Swiss company manufacturing products destined to carefully handle that precious resource, water, LAUFEN feels duty-bound to protect this natural life-giver. LAUFEN therefore advocates environmentally friendly production.

LAUFEN's expertise can be experienced first hand in the new award-winning Laufen Forum at the company's headquarters in Laufen/Switzerland.

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