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von | 10/12/2012

In March, the new ADAC headquarters in Munich designed by Sauerbruch Hutton Architects from Berlin opened its doors. The energy-efficient building boasts 130,000 square meters of office space and is thus able to accommodate 2,500 workstations. Stuttgart-based lighting manufacturer Nimbus, which has already made a name for itself with the LED lighting concept for the Unilever building in Hamburg, was charged with the task of illuminating this new space: the planners working on the ADAC build were certainly convinced by the prospective 60-percent cut in electricity costs.

2,800 “Office Air” floor lamps by Nimbus were installed throughout the building. The bases, stands and lamp heads were assembled and connected on site. On this occasion the LED lamps were fitted with two independent control modules: one to customize the proportion of direct light to suit the individual task at hand, the other to set the daylight sensor to continuously gauge the ambient light and regulate the lamp’s luminance.

Furthermore, presence sensors ensure that the lamps go out within minutes of the user leaving their workstation and come back on shining just as brightly as before as soon as they return. And so, “Office Air” lamps fulfill the individual lighting requirements for all workstations, enabling the planners to do away with additional lighting concepts in the office space.

The floor lamps were combined with 230 “Modul L 120” LED pendant lights for general lighting purposes and 770 extremely flat “Modul Q 49” LED surface-mounted ceiling lights for the toilet areas.

The LED lighting system by Nimbus provides around 50,000 hours of consistent bright light and will impact beneficially on the company’s electricity bills – they also eliminate the time and cost expenditure required for replacing bulbs.

Long product life: The LED lamps by Nimbus offer 50,000 hours of consistent bright light, photo © Nimbus Group
Various design options: this “Office Air” floor lamp is mounted to a desk, photo © Nimbus Group
“L120” and “R” ceiling lights were also installed at management board level, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
The building for the new ADAC headquarters was designed by Sauerbruch Hutton Architects from Berlin, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
The LED floor lamp “Office Air” is part of the lighting concept developed by lighting specialist Nimbus for the new ADAC headquarters in Munich, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
Thanks to the “Office Air” floor lamps, the office areas have no need for additional light sources, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
Conference rooms are lit by “L120” and “R” lighting modules, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
The “Office Air” pendant lights in chrome, photo © ADAC/Xaver Lockau
ADAC Headquarter with Nimbus LED next luminaires


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