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With the new building for its own headquarters, Lindner is setting new standards.
The Lindner Group has implemented a space concept that promotes communication on 5,000 square metres of floor space.
The room layout was designed in consultation with the teams who then work in it.

“Mehr.Wert | Räume weiter denken,” meaning “More.value | Rethinking spaces,” is the wording of the communication campaign by Lindner, the leading specialist in the areas of interior fit-outs, façades and insulation technology. For its current project, Lindner is bundling all its strengths with an eye on its own premises: 5,000 square meters over six stories are now at its disposal in the new building at its headquarters in Arnstorf in the district of Rottal-Inn, Lower Bavaria. For the pioneering design of its office spaces, Lindner didn’t have to look around for experts for long: Gregor Kamps, Head of Workplace Strategy at GiB GmbH, a company for innovative construction technologies in Arnstorf, and Benedikt Fischer, Managing Director of Entwickler.Planer.Ingenieure, the general planning department of Lindner AG, took on the task. “Participation is the key,” according to Gregor Kamps. In line with this, employees’ preferences for the new work environment were crucial: In order to cater to the various activity profiles, Gregor Kamps and his team set up workshops in which they developed the concept for spatial division and furnishings jointly. For the acoustics and lighting, multiple simulations were then created digitally by the GiB specialists right down to the details. The time invested paid off: The result is flexible, modular areas with a total of 350 workstations. Subdivision into four zones supports focused work as well as shared tasks. On top of this, creative spaces were incorporated to permit brainstorming in a pleasant atmosphere. “The well-balanced spatial concept fosters harmony, swift communication and productivity,” says Kamps. 

The perfect acoustics in the open-plan office are ensured by the noise-absorbing glass dividing wall systems “Life 620” and “Life 137” produced by the company itself, as well as the CAS Rooms partition elements – entirely in line with the VDI Directive 2569 for noise prevention and acoustic design in offices. Lindner’s dual flooring systems Nortec and Ligna offer a high level of comfort underfoot. Flexibly installed, the recyclable ceiling, floor and wall systems by Lindner can also be repurposed later on. Furthermore, the system products, which are tailored to one another and proven to be free of harmful substances, promote a balanced interior environment with correspondingly better air quality in the rooms. In order to furnish the interior spaces in a way that is as environmentally friendly and as “healthy” as possible, the products were chosen in coordination with the Sentinel Haus Institut. The evolutionary nature of the furnishings is an important part of the concept, so where there is a need for any subsequent adjustment, this can be met. There is also an emphasis on people and serious consideration of the wellbeing of employees, including with regard to the productivity associated with this – hence with the new design of its own headquarters, Lindner is incorporating two of the strongest current trends in office design within its own premises. The success is clear from the user satisfaction, which Gregor Kamps claims is already a good 84 percent. The acoustic characteristics and top quality of the spaces with the utmost flexibility meet the stated objectives of the new building perfectly. For Kamps, it represents a benchmark of economic viability, flexibility and user-friendliness. (am)

The planning concept offers a lot of flexibility with movable partitions and adapted ceiling sails.
Energy-efficient: The new building requires only 45 percent of the maximum annual primary energy requirement per square meter of floor area permitted by EnEV 2016.

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