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The single largest furniture item

The longstanding Swiss company Bauwerk Parkett has opted for an open-plan structure for its own business premises. The optimum arrangement of individual work areas is guaranteed by the furniture from Lista Office LO.
by Alexander Russ | 9/21/2020

The single largest “furniture item” in terms of area, according to Bauwerk Parkett, is its wooden flooring. Small wonder, then, that the company founded as long ago as 1944 has opted for an open-plan concept for its own premises, which shows off the vitality of wood as a material in the office to particularly pleasing effect. Hence the company now welcomes its customers not only to its in-house showroom, but also behind the scenes to reveal one of its own floors directly in use. The conversion of the 450-square-meter space was preceded by an innovation process in which the longstanding Swiss company reviewed its internal systems and consequentially decided to get rid of the individual offices previously in place. As part of this process, existing hierarchies were consistently called into question, hence the CEO’s office has now also taken on an additional function as a seating area. The aim was to make it easier for employees to communicate and to provide them with a multifunctional environment. At the same time, the company wanted to retain some more private spaces for one-to-one discussions.

The Swiss furnishing experts at Lista Office LO were at hand to help. Their furniture systems score points not only for the excellent production quality and top-notch materials, but also for their flexibility. The LO Next shelving system, which won the Red Dot Award for product design, divides the office spaces along their long axis and maintains sufficient openness so that the division of meeting and work areas does not disrupt the flow of the room. The LO One cupboard family delivers additional enclosed spaces, forming the backs of the individual workstations and creating ample possibilities for storage space with options like sliding doors, roller shutters, drawers, open shelving, folding doors and even a coatrack. Further stowage space is provided by the LO Caddies / LO Korpusse, which are available in different sizes and colors. At Bauwerk Parkett, the roller containers are tailored to match the LO tables and cupboard systems, creating a splash of orange along the window and adding a playful lightness to the space. For the tables, the company opted for the models LO Extend and LO Motion. Thanks to its electrical height adjustment, the former can be used as a desk for sitting or standing and forms the center of the relevant workstation. Similar flexibility is found in the LO Motion family of tables, from which the Bauwerk Parkett conference table comes and which are available in extra-large sizes of up to 3200 x 1200 millimeters. Space for everyone, therefore, and not just the CEO.

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