Looking out over Lake Garda
Aug 30, 2016

There are places in the world that have a magical quality – they immediately captivate everyone with their aura. The plot of the Villa Eden resort, which is just under eight hectares in size, and extends above Gardone Riviera on the western bank of Lake Garda is such a place: Here surrounded by silvery-green olive trees and towering cypresses, you immediately feel a closeness with the surroundings, and the view from the terraced slope onto Lake Garda is absolutely breath-taking. In the hills above the lake stand buildings designed to harmonize with their setting – designed by internationally-renowned architects: Richard Meier, David Chipperfield, Matteo Thun and ATP sphere. The parkland around the villas, the clubhouse and a so-called landmark building with four residential units was designed by renowned Swiss garden and landscape architect Enzo Enea. He was inspired by the plants and character of the 10,000 square meter botanical gardens in Gardone Riviera, laid out 1910 by Austrian physician and natural scientist Arthur Hruska, and owned since 1988 by artist André Heller.

The interior of the two villas, which were conceived as luxurious, private holiday domiciles was the work of Munich-based architect’s office Landau + Kindelbacher established 1994 by Gerhard Landau and Ludwig Kindelbacher. One is the Villa Chipperfield Ovest by David Chipperfield, the other Villa Sphere Ovest by Austrian architect’s office ATP sphere.

Regarding materials, furniture, luminaires and accessories the focus is on pure luxury and exacting demands. In both cases, the Munich-based interior designers reflected the colors, elements and moods of the Alpine scenery at Lake Garda, and incorporated the individual characteristics of the respective architecture. Although they entered the planning process at a late stage the designers succeeded in creating a harmonious unity between building and furnishings, and to not only take up the intention of the buildings, but also to advance it. Landau + Kindelbacher were also responsible for the lighting concepts, and integrated the installations developed by the planners so that they were barely visible.

In the case of the Chipperfield villa the warm, earthy tones of the building are reflected inside: alongside a subtle beige, sandy colors and olive green, accents are set by saffron and lemon tones. Wooden surfaces come over as rustic, or are left untreated. Many items of furniture are custom-made, preferably of oak. The Munich-based interior designers combined this with cognac colored leather.

By contrast, the interior of the Villa Sphere Ovest appears much more playful, and conveys an elegant lightness in white. The designers included the beige of the travertine limestone used on the exterior and added eye catchers in turquoise blue and emerald green – mirroring both the colors of the pool but also of Lake Garda. The omnipresent aquamarine is complemented by cover fabrics and accessories in lemon; in addition, the rooms are lent a subtle elegance through lightly applied gold and copper accents. Walnut wall panels and furniture create cozy contrasts.

It is fascinating how both the Mediterranean light and the views out onto the lake influence the interior design. In both villas the terraces allow their occupants to expand their space to encompass the outdoors – all the interior designers needed to do was add comfortable outdoor furniture. (UA)


Interior designers Landau + Kindelbacher conceived a cognac-colored leather sofa and floor-to-ceiling shelving specially for the Chipperfield villa. The “Hutton Fireside Chair” is by Ivano Redaelli, the copper-colored occasional table “Habibi” by e15.
Photo © Ortwin Klipp

The table with its untreated oak top is also a custom-made item, as are the chairs with the pale grey suede covers. Suspended over the table is the luminaire “Noon 5” by Zeitraum. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

The dark clad fireplace makes for a cosy lounge mood in the entrance area. The “Berry” bench and the “Forest” armchair, both by Meridiani, are complemented by the “Husk” tables by B&B Italia. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

For his Villa Ovest David Chipperfield was inspired by an old type of local building, known in the Lake Garda region as “Limonaia”, once used as greenhouses for citrus plants. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

The architects at ATP sphere wanted to shift the focus of life from inside the villa to the outdoors in the summer. The enormous terraces around the pool are the ideal way to achieve that. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

The walnut veneer dining table designed by Landau+Kindelbacher is the continuation of a custom-made kitchen unit. The aquamarine “Executive Chairs” by Knoll International take up the colors of the pool. The “Selene” luminaires by ClassiCon seem to be suspended above the table. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the Villa Sphere Ovest ensure occupants can see Lake Garda from almost every room – even from their bed in front of a cosy walnut wall panel. Photo © Ortwin Klipp

With the fireplace cladding of “Verde Saint Denis” marble Landau+Kindelbacher pay homage to the Barcelona pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. The green stone forms an effective contrast to the light travertine floor. Photo © Ortwin Klipp