Making a stylish entrance
von | 10/19/2012

Hotel Lido Palace welcomes its guests to an Art-Nouveau mansion in Riva del Garda built in 1899. It boasts 42 rooms and suites, two restaurants and a spa zone. In 2012, the luxury hotel underwent a full-scale renovation based on plans by architect Alberto Cecchetto.

With large glass façades in the entrance hall, the Italian architect has succeeded in creating a seamless transition from the interior to the outside, from the building to the gardens. On the ground floor, columns and stucco ceilings bring to mind images of times long past, while the couches, lounge chairs and side tables by furniture manufacturer Arper look to the future both in their design and engineering.

They were all provided by the Treviso-based furniture manufacturer, which designs its furniture collections based on the maxim of Spanish architectural firm Lievore, Altherr, Molina – “in search of the essential”. The minimalist designs “Loop”, “Eolo”, “Saari”, “Leaf”, “Leaf table” “Catifa 80” and “Babar” have transformed the hotel lobby in Lido Palace into to a worthy reception area.

After receiving the most prestigious design award in Italy, the “Compasso d’Oro” in 2011 for their “Nuur” table designed by Simon Pengelly, Arper has just been nominated once again, this time for their corporate design: the company‘s brand identity has been selected by Italian Association for Industrial Design for the 2012 Edition of ADI Design Index in the Visual Design Category, and will then compete for the XXIII Compasso D’Oro.

Light-flooded relaxation area complete with the “Saari” seating system from Arper, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
Loop sofa in the conservatory of the 1899 house, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
Arper’s minimalist “Saari” chairs blend perfectly into the lounge area, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
On the sunny side: the “Leaf” chair and “Leaf table” by Arper, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
Architect Alberto Cecchetto led the modernization of Hotel Lido Palace in Riva del Garda, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
Art-Nouveau touches in the staircase at the luxury hotel, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
As part of the modernization effort, the columns and stucco ceiling were retained and now set unique, stylistic accents, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
View of the hotel’s artistically-decorated bar area, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi
From their own hotel room guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains, photo © Lenka Cizkova/Marco Covi


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