Many books, one bridge
Apr 2, 2015

Bad Vilbel’s municipal authorities have killed two birds with one stone: The small town north of Frankfurt/Main needed a bridge and a new library, but there were funds for only one of the two projects. So as not to forgo one of them it decided on an ingenious combination of bridge and library and had a library bridge built. Munich office Demmel und Hadler Architekten is the brain behind the design. The block-shaped building with a wrap-around glass louvre façade crosses the small river known as Nidda. Not only does the building’s broad outdoor area link the town’s central square with the area on the opposite river bank, simultaneously this outside area bridging the Nidda serves as a terrace for the café, which is located on the library’s ground floor.

Hollow floor by the Lindner Group with high maximum load

Some 45,000 media items had to be housed in the library bridge. This required a floor that would withstand the extreme weight of the book shelves. Demmel and Hadler Architekten opted for the Lindner Group’s “FLOOR and more® power” hollow floor system, which consists of seamless gypsum fiberboards and a substructure with tailor-made hollow floor pedestals. Slight unevenness can be easily compensated for as the height of the metal pedestals can be infinitely adjusted. The hollow space between the base course and the slab ceiling offers space for electrical and computer cables but also heating and ventilation. In other words, all such technical equipment remains concealed beneath the gypsum fiberboards, giving the architects maximum freedom in designing the interior. On the top floor, for example, spacious reading areas with comfortable chairs invite guests to make themselves comfy, read and enjoy the view out over the river.

There is a multi-media center for children on the ground floor – the hollow flooring provides high sound absorption so readers remain undisturbed. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
The hollow floor is ready for use one day after installation. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
The calcium sulfate floor panels are lightweight yet sturdy. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
The Lindner Group supplies the substructure with suitable accessories – here with power supply unit. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
Book shelves with a heavy load: The Lindner Group’s hollow floor system “FLOOR and more® power” is extremely sturdy, making it ideal for public institutions such as libraries. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
The cafeteria in the lobby looks out onto greenery and has outdoor seating for warm days.
Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
Through the walk-through glazed area on the ground floor you can catch a glimpse of the river.
Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)
The substructure of the hollow floor system with metal pedestals that can be precisely height adjusted to compensate for any unevenness. Photo © Lindner, Arnstorf (D)

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