Martinelli Luce 2021: ELASTICA

With "Elastica", Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi from Studio Habits span the light across the room and from the floor to the ceiling. The luminaire can now be controlled with a simple hand movement.

A band of elastic fabric holds the dimmable LED strip of "Elastica": in combination with a cylindrical base made of metal and a ceiling bracket, the design by Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi from Studio Habits for Martinelli Luce can thus be stretched into any position. Only gentle gestures are needed for control – sensors recognise the user's hand movement and coordinate the lighting accordingly – it can be switched on and off with a quick hand movement. If the LED strip is also pressed lightly, the intensity of the light dims. The design of "Elastica" can be chosen in the colours red, yellow, grey, black and blue. In combination, exciting structures are created in the room in the truest sense of the word. (am)