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A captivating tale
Martinelli Luce is synonymous of the history of Italian design

Retrace with us almost 70 years of activity in the creation of iconic products, the collaboration with major international designers, and a mission to be championed still today: to leave an essential and creative mark among the brands that have made Italian style a Lovemark throughout the world.

How can we tell about these sixty years of history?

We can do this in a few lines of text, through the cornerstones that have always guided our choices: investments in production technology and materials, the quest for the essentialness of the forms, nature and geometry as a source of inspiration, experimentation and innovation.

We can do so also through our products; with their lines, their personality, their light, they are a heritage not only of seven decades that have succeeded one another, but also of a design style that was able to remain sensitive to rigor and to a clear vision of the world of design, not lending itself to fads and to sales logics.

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