mawa 2021: TADEO

As an elegant table luminaire, "tadeo" by mawa offers a high quality of light as well as a straightforward design by Marco Schölzel and Martin Wallroth.

Thanks to the reduced design by Marco Schölzel and Martin Wallroth, the "tadeo" table lamp by mawa does not need many elements to make an impressive statement. The thrill is in the detail: "tadeo" thus distributes the light glare-free upwards and downwards at the same time in two luminaire variations - either with an uplight and downlight, or with downlight and a translucent light ring on the top. It can also be dimmed continuously. The qualitative lighting is supported by LEDs that offer a colour rendering index of at least 90 and thus come close to the effect of natural light. The powder-coated aluminium housing of "tadeo" is also available in a wide range of elegant colours, such as matt black, red, beige, blue and grey. (am)