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MawaDesign was founded by Martin Wallroth in 1978. At the company then located in Kreuzberg district of Berlin he developed and produced objects for the home. In the following years he enlarged his one-man business and established a professional company. At this time mawaDesign designs were frequently avant garde models embodying influential ideas in the field of product design. Even today the unusual combination of design and manufacture under one roof contributes substantially to the company's success. The eighties popularized and stirred up interest in design. In response, MawaDesign sought new directions. In cooperation with external designers product ideas for daily needs could be designed and quickly put into production thanks to the company's flexible structure.

In 1999 mawa lamps was set up separately as a principal unit. Since then the product range is divided between mawa lamps and mawa accessories. Beyond the standard manufacturing program, we of course also produce custom designs according to individual specifications. The product range is purchased largely by the customers of up-market retailers, i.e. in specialty lighting fixture shops and interior decorating centers. The functions, minimal-oriented, and for mawaDesign characteristic design line continued to be developed over the course of years so that the mawa style is a recognized name for many who know how to appreciate good design. In 1997 a change of surroundings was on the company's agenda. The move from Berlin to Langerwisch near Potsdam took place in December 1997. The Palmhof, completely reconstructed and named an historical site, now offers us enough space for all the manufacturing departments and despite the lovely, green surroundings, it is still easy to reach, meaning it takes little time to travel from Berlin or Potsdam.

The manufacturing plant guarantees high-quality workmanship in conformance with ecologically sound practice for the fabrication of lamps, accessories and custom designs. The manufacturing process makes use of the widest variety of materials such as plastic, glass, wood, and metal with galvanized and varnished surfaces. Moreover, mawaDesign gives tangible form to merchandizing ideas in support of marketing activities at a variety of companies - from the simple printing of company seals to the individually designed product idea: concept, planning, manufacture and shipping are all provided by mawaDesign. To give companies a highly personal and individualized product anything imaginable is possible! In specialty retail shops mawaDesign has long been a familiar sight, known for their accessories and range of lamps. A few of the items in the mawa product range are of special importance, for example the Schliephacke standard lamps based on a design by the Berlin architect Prof. Fridtjof Schliephacke are highly appreciated by architects. In the Treptower Crematorium in Berlin, which was completed in 1998, according to plans drawn up by the architect Axel Schultes, at total of sixty of these lamps are arranged very effectively in an impressive atmosphere. Even the city hall wall clock designed in the fifties by the Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen is considered by designers to be a classic and is produced and sold by mawaDesign under license. Since 1998 original new products, which may some day advance to the status of classics, have been launched in the mawa Orange Collection. We are presenting them at the start of their carreers.

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