Milano Bedding 2020: VIVIEN

A sofa bed with maximum comfort is given by "Vivien" from Milano Bedding.

Inspired by the curved shapes of the 50s and 60s, the lines in the design of the bed sofa "Vivien" by Milano Bedding are flowing, the edges of the upholstery and the frame gently rounded. A wide backrest surrounds the design and ends as armrests on both sides. Fine contrasts to the textile cover in many variations can be created, for example, by furnishing the backrest with leather or by choosing a shiny metal finish for the feet. When folded out to form a bed, the backrest becomes a headboard, which underlines the impression of a full-size bed. "Vivien" is also generous in terms of space: You can stretch out to a total length of 200 centimetres. (am)