Craft and visions

Jellyfish-like vases and a monolith with drawers: "The Mindcraft Project" showcase experimental Danish design in an online exhibition.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/17/2021

"The Mindcraft Project" goes digital: This year, the contemporary exhibition of experimental Danish design will be on view as a digital edition from March 17, 2021. Realized by the design studio Wang & Söderström and the Copenhagen Design Agency, the concept is dedicated to studies that take up aspects from the fields of craft, art, architecture and technology and link them in a new way. Together with an advisory board of curators, works by a total of ten designers and artists were selected.

The sculptural objects of the participants surprise, such as "Ebano" by Rasmus Fenhann, a small cabinet with seven drawers made of ebony and rosewood, which, thanks to the shaping with axe and chainsaw, appears at first glance like a monolith of rough-hewn stone. Meanwhile, Kaspar Kjeldgaard's "Suspense" lamp floats above things in space on filigree stainless steel fibers, and Studio 91-92's "Ctenophora" vase made of recycled plastic uses 3D printing to make the flowing shape of a ribbed jellyfish appear. "The knowledge of materials and technical skills grounded in craftsmanship represent a strong part of the Danish design DNA. In the upcoming exhibition, we will present projects that use new digital methods of designing and making alongside traditional craft disciplines in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary mix. The selected designers and studios stand out for their experimental approaches, knowledge of materials and technical skills," say Kristian Kastoft and Anders Kongskov of Copenhagen Design Agency.