Minimalist break with Pedrali

Fresh colors, minimalist design and stylish furniture by Pedrali – food corporation Nestlé has come up with a persuasive recipe against canteen-world misery in open-plan offices for its new Italian head office in the industrial estate of “Milanofiori” in Assago, southeast of Milan. In 2014, the Swiss corporation located to the U-shaped building with the wraparound glass façade; with its 22,000 square meters of offices, there’s plenty of space for the countless departments, such as Nespresso, San Pellegrino and Perugina. In collaboration with the architecture firm Park Associati, DEGW Italia designed all the interior spaces, including the restaurant on the second floor: it boasts not only the expansive glass frontage, niches for peace and quiet, and an inviting balcony, but also a VIP lounge.

Lightness all’italiana

The interiors designers have shown great dexterity in creating a coherent atmosphere of restrained colors, bright wood and marvelously minimalist furniture, thus offering staff a great place for relaxed breaks. The choice fell on chairs, stools and tables by Pedrali that emphasize the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere and give it a fresh and distinctive touch. For example, in the VIP Lounge there are tables from the “Stylus” line combined with “Laja” armchairs: these look exceptionally light thanks to the chromed steel rod frames (only 12mm in diameter) and the compact seating shells, and are astoundingly comfortable. The armchairs’ inside and outside covers are in gray and white, matching the tonality of the walls. In the eating area proper and on the balcony, Nestlé employees can take their places on “Kuadra” chairs and stools, with technopolymer seats. The seating dispense with opulence in favor of effortless and convincing minimalism, as does all the furniture in the restaurant.

Lab for inventions for gourmets: Nestlé’s new Italian head office in Milanofiori. <br/>Photo © Dario Tettamanzi
Lab for inventions for gourmets: Nestlé’s new Italian head office in Milanofiori. <br/>Photo © Dario Tettamanzi
Stylish relaxation in front of glass panorama windows – on chairs and stools from the “Kuadra” collection, combined with “Stylus 5400” tables. Photo © Dario Tettamanzi
The colorful “Laja 881” armchair designed by Alessandro Busana is available with a chromed or a powder coated frame. Photo © Pedrali
White reception: the service desks in the lobby of the head office. Photo © Dario Tettamanzi
Decent colors, amicable ambience: The Lounge is outfitted with “Laja 881” armchairs. <br/>Photo © Dario Tettamanzi
Minimalist design: the “Stylus 5400” table seems light and is nevertheless very sturdy. Photo © Pedrali


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