Hand in glove

With the “PS 20” Kressel and Schelle have designed a table for Müller Möbelfabrikation that is both delicate and practical – and it cuts an equally fine figure either as a desk or a dressing table.

Furniture should ideally be adaptable. A table with storage space for those small everyday items that can serve either as a desk or a dressing table without its design or features automatically assigning it a specific function. This was the brief followed by Kressel and Schelle when designing the “PS 20” for Müller Möbelfabrikation: A streamlined open metal frame combined with a work surface of linoleum or crystal glass. There is a three-way power outlet and two USB ports tucked away in a compartment on top of the table which makes it easy to accommodate power leads for a laptop or curling wand. And two deep drawers create a surprising amount of storage space for all those utensils that you like to have to hand quickly. If the table is to be used for cosmetic purposes a make-up mirror is also available with a stylish metal border.

“The PS 20 is an item that adapts to suit and is not overly dominant in its function,” says Jonas Kressel. Thanks to the semi-matt finish of the base, the table looks good in any setting from a workspace through to a bedroom. And since it is only one meter wide and 75 centimeter high it is compact enough to be of use in small or confined spaces such as a hallway or a work area. It boasts clean lines and can therefore accommodate a wide range of individual tastes; for example, the frame can be varnished in any RAL color its owner might desire. By combining different colors and materials such as linoleum that is warm to the touch and cold metal it is possible to create either striking contrasts or harmonious transitions.

It was especially challenging for the designers to come up with a table that appears so elegant and fluid: The frame was to be “as delicate as possible and as rigid as necessary,” says Jonas Kressel. To make the table as sturdy as possible they needed to achieve the best possible stability despite the delicate lines. And succeeded. Not only in this but also in working with Müller Möbelfabrikation to find a new orientation in material and form for the PS series that has been expanding since 2015. “Our collaboration is really enjoyable because it is based on honest interaction and everything runs hand in glove,” says Kressel. (am)