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In the new Stylepark office the “Lighting Pads” by Nimbus ensure you can see everything, but do not hear everything.

The idea: to ensure the new Stylepark premises were bright and clear! NKBAK Architekten added an extension to the existing offices in Frankfurt/Main, which boasts additional work spaces and a communal area. The architecture works with different-level ceilings and floors, thereby creating exciting spatial experiences.

Only a very few materials define the overall appearance: white plastered walls, exposed concrete ceilings, and rough sawn oak floorboards. The structure’s aesthetic calls for fittings that meet high design standards. “Lighting Pads” by Nimbus are suspended above the desks. The Nimbus Group combines two areas of expertise in this particular product – light and acoustics. The “Lighting Pads” are not only highly efficient sound absorbers: High-performance LEDS that generate almost glare-free light are inserted in the acoustic fleece, which was developed by the Rossoacoustic division of the company. This is where the expertise of the light division of Nimbus to bear. The Pads feature almost invisible fee-form lenses by the Austrian manufacturer Bartenbach, which give off 2,500 Lumen focused light and in total 4,200 Lumen light, some indirect. They also achieve a reading of over 90 on the color rendering index (CRI). Weighing between four and four-and-a-half kilograms depending on the model, the “Lighting Pads” are extremely light and can be suspended from the ceiling with just a few thin wires.

Stylepark opted for the bigger version of the two versions of the circular “Lighting Pad R” model, which is 90 centimeters in diameter. In some cases the combined light and acoustic elements are fitted directly above the desks, where they provide pleasant and healthy work light, in others the “lighting Pads” illuminate passageways and in front of the material and archive cabinets, where good, glare-free light is also required.

The new Stylepark premises feature a combination of “Lighting Pads” and “Rossoacoustic Pads” that are 60 and 90 centimeters in diameter. Too look at these are almost identical, but do not have any LEDs. The interplay between the two products ensures optimum acoustics in the offices – without hindering the concentrated overall impression of the rooms. Rather the Pads, which hover over the desks like groups of clouds, are an invigorating element, in the case of which not everyone can be sure about whether they are looking at an objet d’art or not. (fap)

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