Note Design Studio designed a house for the Swedish countryside.

The first time

Note Design Studio presents its first construction project: the “Villa Esker”.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 8/15/2017

Note Design Studio has created an energy-efficient passivhaus-standard home for Swedish house building company Sjöberg Thermé. A special challenge they faced: the location on a slope. In order to make sure the building stood firm on the soft terrain, the two-storey house is staggered along the hill. Moreover, the house also has a spacious terrace. The purist shape is firmly in the tradition of Nordic Modernism: clear structures and a lot of wood. Inspired by the woodlands in the vicinity the dominant anthracite outer walls are accompanied by design elements made of bright wood and metal as well as details in pine green and stone grey.

Clearly structured: the façade is grid a of wooden elements.
Note Design Studio combined bright wood with details in anthrazit and pine green.