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Jul 28, 2015

Interlocking cubes, spacious areas, and a minimalist interior: In the form of the “Vista House” in south Stuttgart, commissioned in 2012, architect Alexander Brenner created an especially generously dimensioned and impressive private residence on a slope. His open space concepts stand out for their clear aesthetic, which runs through to the smallest details, something that is evident not least in the bathroom. The latter thus boasts an equally open-plan, albeit restrained, and above all barrier-free design – thanks to the refined Dallmer line drainage system for floor-level showers.

The villa’s name derives from its exclusive location on a slope: The angled two-storey building faces south and affords residents a fantastic view over the valley below. Its radiant white cubes, large windows and flat protruding roofs all have a Modernist feel, whereby Brenner skillfully gives them a contemporary spin. The “clean” image is consciously undermined by the interplay of different surface finishes, such as white rendering, natural stone and wooden blinds.

Inside the house, glass dividing walls and fittings structure the space and create a sense of real comfort in the expansive living, working and dining areas. The spacious stairwell leads to the upper floor, which houses a further living section alongside the bedroom and a bathroom – with a floor-level shower it provides plenty of space for care and relaxation. To this end, the architect opted for the elegant “Ceraline” line drains by Dallmer, which are mounted flush with the floor and are exceptionally narrow, as they are only 40 millimeters wide. The drains have received countless awards for their purist design and are available in a range of exclusive variants, surface finishes and combinations of materials, from stainless steel or colored glass to teak; in fact they can be supplied in special versions customized with the particular choice of flooring. “Ceraline” is highly versatile and can be installed either up against a wall or anywhere in the room, thus leaving a lot of scope for individual architectural choices. In other words, there are quite literally no limits to the shower experience.

Open space concepts dissolve divisions both inside and outside: the “Vista House” in Stuttgart with its protruding roofs, interlocking cubes and broad strips of windows.
Photo © zooey braun

“Vista House” derives its name from its exclusive location on a slope – here the residents enjoy a fantastic view out over the valley below. Photo © zooey braun

Restrained, barrier-free, elegant: With Dallmer’s “Ceraline” shower drain line the bathroom morphs into a spa oasis with no shower tray required. Photo © Dallmer

The line drains can be installed directly in front of a wall or anywhere under the shower. The covers can be supplied in different materials and with different finishes, from stainless steel or glass to teak, or be individually customized to feature your own choice of floor covering. Photo © Dallmer

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