shower channel TistoStone

shower channel TistoStone

TistoStone - for an unobtrusive appearance and a striking visual effect
When designing a bathroom, personal tastes are very important, even where a level access shower is concerned. There are plenty of floor drains available, but they don’t always match visually. With TistoStone, Dallmer now offers a practical solution for personal preferences. The new floor drain has a stainless steel frame, which can be tiled as desired. De-pending on the choice of the inlay, shower surfaces with a homogenous appearance, or with individualised highlights can be created. Surfaces that are unobtrusively matched to one another are possible, just as much as surfaces with a marked contrast. With a uniform choice of materials, the shower surface becomes like the floor of a bathroom or spa.

Simplest alignment
A major advantage of TistoStone is the very simple alignment and exact adjustment within the tile bed. The floor drain is always integrated flush to the screed. The inset frame can be adjusted in height within the body for flooring thickness from 5 - 22 mm. Which flooring is to be used need not be decided in advance. In addition, for easy alignment to the tile layout, the frame is also eccentrically / laterally adjustable. Overall, there is less need for matching between the sanitary work and the tiling work and for coordination by the site construction engineer.

Versatile models
TistoStone is available as a new floor drain from Dallmer in several different versions. The inset stainless steel frame is available in the sizes 100 x 100 mm and 150 x 150 mm, suitable for the most common tile sizes; it is optionally also available in the screwed version. There is proven Dallmer drain construction feature under the surface. As an option, TistoStone has a vertical or horizontal drain body with 50 mm water seal and a high flow rate. Alternatively, TistoStone Plan can be used, which is a very shallow body with ball-joint supports, a height of just 89 mm but still with a flow rate of 0.58 l/s.

Tisto-Technology for more safety in installation
In addition, all the versions utilise innovative Tisto technology. Body anchors below the flange firmly embed the drain body in the screed with better integration with the floor structure. For the sealing in the area of the draining point, this means more safety, even if there are screed movements owing to temperature variations. The new Tisto sealing membrane offers a reliable bonding with all liquid sealing materials. It is used as a fleece on the flange of the drain as well as an additional sealing manschette.

100x100 mm
150x150 mm

Installation height
113 mm, Plan 89 mm, Vertical 35 mm

Drainage capacity
0.62 l/s (planned) / 0.82 l/s / 1.18 l/s ( vertical)

Tistostone 3
Tistostone 2


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