Tireless: If exercise machine manufacturer “Life Span Workplace” is to be believed, soon nobody in the office will be standing still.

Go, office slave, go!

by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/3/2016

I beg your pardon? You are still languishing in the office? How unprogressive! How unhealthy! And even your lectern workstation is no more than a good place to start. Anyone who really wants to be bang up to date is jogging along his treadmill at every meeting or sitting nonchalantly on his exercise bike at his desk. Welcome to the “active office”; just fit a little desk to your outsourced indoor bicycle and off you go! 

So you thought that at work you would be safe from the gym? Forget it! Nowadays there are no more excuses. Now the answer to your life/work balance problems is right there at your desk. As exercise machine manufacturer “Life Span Workplace” puts it in its “Bike Desk” brochure, even though you can burn 190 calories per hour the brownie you consumed at breakfast counts for as many as 420 calories! So you can do more – come on now, jump to it! Today, any exemplary staff member is constantly on the go; after all, athletic multitasking raises productivity and protects against illness. Which makes your boss happy. After all, being young, healthy and physically fit has always been the key to a safe job – and anybody who is no longer able to jump on his exercise bike is past his sell-by date anyway and, as hard as it might sound, has no place in the new and dynamic world of work. So, if you want to stay on top of things, by the end of a day you need to demonstrably have an impressive number of kilometers under your belt. The career ladder is so yesterday; welcome to the future! So step on those pedals and make it snappy!

The good old swivel chair has had its day. But the question of how ergonomically and comfortable sound it is to spend hours on end on your exercise bike has still to be answered.
They say that diligently rotating your legs in a circular movement makes computer work more productive. Providing a good body coordination.
Whether you prefer standing or cycling, the days when you can just lounge around on your office chair are numbered.