Our Sacco turns 40!
von Vera Siegmund | Jan 29, 2008

How do you celebrate the big birthday of a seat, which has even been honored by a museum? In this particular instance it is quite simple: you take a run and jump into it - and by way of thanks are lovingly embraced by this universal favorite. Only a few items of furniture can withstand such a celebratory feat but for the Sacco beanbag it is a walkover. The flexible bag for sitting and lying on has always been an exception and precisely its ability to mold and conform exactly to the human body make Sacco the most nonconformist piece of furniture ever. A product of 1968 that year of student revolts, simply everything about this revolutionary was different: the cover originally made of vinyl, the filling of foamed polystyrene pellets and of course the amorphous, shapeless form, which was light years removed from the classic three-piece suite in the parental living-room. It broke with all the furniture conventions of its time and expressed the dream that a new lifestyle might also change society. After all, the Sacco lends itself to every sitting or lying position no matter how unconventional; you can simply squash it down and carry it to wherever you happen to need something comfortable to relax on.
The incredible success story of the Sacco began, when in 1968 the architect and designer trio Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro approached Italian furniture designer Zanotta with their brand-new concept. Extremely open to unusual ideas Zanotta was at this time the most important producer of Radical Design in Italy. Moreover, the revolutionary Sacco was easy to make. Having tried out chestnut tree leaves, water and sand variously as fillings the designer trio opted for tennis balls, which later led to the use of polystyrene pellets - they make this hip seat so light and portable. A further benefit emerges on the sitter occupying Sacco - a backrest is created, which remains firm thanks to the pressure of the pellets against the cover. And since changing sitting position frequently is absolutely crucial for healthy sitting Sacco is also ergonomically a brilliant achievement. Liberal thinking through liberal sitting!