Paola Lenti 2022: TEATIME MARIS

With "Maris" Paola Lenti has extended the "Teatime" collection with a new fabric that is not only 100 percent recyclable but also offers great resistance.

Italian furniture manufacturer Paola Lenti has added a new fabric called "Maris" to its "Teatime" outdoor collection, which includes a two- and three-seater sofa and an armchair. "Maris", which is made of polyolefin, is obtained by weaving Twiggy yarn. This is a new material for outdoor use that is 100 percent recyclable. Due to its properties resulting from a specific production process, "Maris" does not absorb moisture and is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the UV-resistant fabric is mold-resistant and is both easy to clean and disinfect. As a result, in addition to a structure made of robust, cataphoresis-treated steel, the "Teatime" collection now also offers upholstery with great resistance thanks to "Maris". In this case, the seat is equipped with elastic belts and plastic spacers, while the respective seat cushion is removable and made of polyester fiber with durable polyurethane insert. The cover of the seat cushion can also be removed and, like the back cushion, is available in Paola Lenti's signature fabrics "Luz", "Rope T", "Brio", "Thea" or "Wara" for outdoor use.