Pedrali 2022: HEVEA

With "Hevea", Victoria Azadinho Bocconi has designed a multifunctional pot holder for Pedrali that can bring a touch of the jungle into any room.
| 11/4/2022

Flexibility is the key to a lively atmosphere – the designer Victoria Azadinho Bocconi is well aware of this. For Pedrali, she has designed "Hevea", a pot-holder whose pots made of polypropylene can be attached to the central steel rod at different heights and positions at any time. Latex extraction in small containers attached to the trunks of rubber trees ("Hevea Brasiliensis") characterises the landscape of rubber tree plantations in Azadinho Bocconi's native South America. Instead of collecting the white latex liquid, though, her containers are used to green up interiors – from a solo display to a partition wall that lends a feeling of jungle. Practical: the pots can be used spontaneously for other purposes as needed, such as cooling a champagne bottle or storing office utensils. "Hevea" by Victoria Azadinho Bocconi for Pedrali is available in white, green, terracotta and black. (am)

Victoria Azadinho Bocconi tells Hevea