A new elegance

Busetti Garuti Redaelli have designed the “Buddy Hub” for Pedrali, a new collection responding to the need for flexible and cozy furniture landscapes in the modern world of work.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 12/7/2020

In these turbulent times, concentrated work be it in the office or when working remotely has become more challenging than ever before. Many offices are operating on a hybrid basis whereby team members work remotely for much of the time, meeting in the office in specific areas now and again. This calls for furniture that is flexible, cozy and functional. Designer trio Manuela Busetti, Andrea Garuti and Matteo Redaelli have designed “Buddy Hub” for Pedrali, an upholstered seating element available in two sizes as a sofa or armchair with wrap-around, sound absorbing panels that meets this need perfectly. It is also possible to place two units opposite each other and to join them by means of a panel to which a table can be attached. "‘Buddy Hub’ contributes to enhance acoustic comfort not only for the persons sitting on it but for the entire space as it absorbs the sound waves in the room,” explain Busetti Garuti Redaelli. The proportions are soft and rounded lending the acoustic seating element a cozy elegance, whereby this quality is also the result of how well thought through the details are, such as the seams of the upholstered side panels.

In addition to an attractive design, the comfort of the seating was top of the list of priorities for the trio: polyurethane injected foam supported by elastic belts ensures the sitter’s comfort, while the cushions provide ergonomic support for the back. “It took several prototypes and considerable fine tuning to find the right upholstery, but also to develop the system for affixing the sound absorbing panels,” say the designers. The newly developed system not only provides a visually seam free look; a further advantage is that “Buddy Hub” is very easy to assemble, take apart and expand making it space saving and enabling environmentally-conscious transportation. The light, aesthetic look of the acoustic furniture is enhanced by the slender black aluminum legs. “It is our love for details that makes the difference,” they say.

The availability of different covers also demonstrates how contemporary office interior concepts have advanced: “Clients can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors to suit the individual style and atmosphere of the setting for the furniture,” the trio says. Busetti Garuti Redaelli have a reputation for continually succeeding in lending existing forms a new, fresh note and for an acoustic seating element “Buddy Hub” comes across as extremely elegant. “We think that office furniture needs to be more flexible both as regards its function but also its appearance.” With “Buddy Hub” they continue the “Buddy” collection for Pedrali and with this wide range of furnishings make it possible to create dynamic office landscapes that work equally well in the office, in public areas such as lobbies, or co-working spaces.

"Buddy Hub" by Busetti Garuti Redaelli