Classics reinterpreted

With its “Jazz” collection, Pedrali presents elegant and harmoniously shaped seating featuring a lightweight frame combined with a comfortable upholstery.

“Jazz” is the name of one of Pedrali’s most successful upholstered collections and, like the eponymous dynamic music genre it boasts verve and surprising elements and has a feel for a good beat. This Italian family business came up with the design itself; the in-house R&D department, with Giuseppe Pedrali at its helm, has reinterpreted classic shapes. “Something fundamental is the idea of designing a product based around a lightweight steel frame. Our goal: To create a collection that is robust and easy to handle, as well as conveying a sense of lightness,” he explains. Taking their lead from the concept behind the “Jazz” armchair presented at the Salone del Mobile in 2017, the team has continued developing the individual elements of the product to produce a collection that now consists of an armchair, a chair and a stool that comes in two heights. “The result is attractive products whose metal frame supporting the seat and the curved armrests in no way impairs the comfortable feel of the cold-foam upholstery” explains Giuseppe Pedrali.

For example, the armchair’s backrest enfolds its user’s body, while its slender frame boasts a light and airy look. An opening between the backrest and the seat reinforces this impression, as well as contributing to making the range easy to handle and care for. Overall, with its hint of nostalgia, the “Jazz” collection by Pedrali harks back to the golden days of Italian design in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, users can opt for one of numerous fabrics and metallic surfaces for the frame’s finishes. “This return to classic designs is also reflected in the way that users can give their purchases that individual touch by going for an antique brass finish or for opulent velvet fabrics. At the same time, the various different finishes also offer a large number of options for lending ‘Jazz’ a contemporary quality,” explains Pedrali. And that’s not all – as we have come to expect from Pedrali, the design has been perfected right down to the tiniest details – the screws are concealed and there is nothing to mar the furniture’s overall appearance. (am)