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Playfully working

Acoustic solutions from Buzzispace structure the new open-plan office of Kienbaum Consultants International.
Sam and Planktons Architects used Buzzispace's products to divide the open space into functional areas.

For the Cologne office of HR consultancy Kienbaum Consultants International, Sam and Plankton Architects were tasked with subdividing the new open-plan office into flexible zones without detracting from the spaciousness of the room. In order to create work islands that are not only visually appealing but also functional, the interior designers opted for products from Buzzispace.

As a contrast to the desks, seating areas have been created in cheerful colors, offering flexible use tailored to the requirements of different tasks: One-on-one meetings are given the necessary discretion thanks to the “BuzziMe” wingback chairs, while the volume of team meetings is kept down in the “BuzziHub” along with additional noise filtering provided by the “BuzziShade” lampshade. To assist employees with the need for exercise, the presentation area is equipped with several models of the “BuzziBalance”, a pouf which has a carved wooden wobble-board, and the “BuzziBalance Board”, enabling the user to wobble back and forth, thus activating the muscles. The pouf also functions as an acoustic element. (am)

The residential areas are tailored to the requirements of the various tasks and enable flexible use by the employees.
During team discussions, the "BuzziShade" light screen provides a muted sound.
The "BuzziBalance" poufs are equipped with a wobble-board and thus support the agility of the employees.
"BuzziHub" provides both sound insulation and absorption.
The "BuzziPicNic" tables are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely useful with installed electrical connections.