Presents, presents
The Stylepark Christmas Contest 2013

Christmas is a’coming, which means that it’s time for the Stylepark Christmas Contest. This year, selected Stylepark manufacturers have again provided any number of great prizes for you all to try and win. Chairs, luminaires and living room accessories, there’s bound to be something among them that would look great in your living or dining room, or perhaps your bedroom. All you have to do is know the right answers to the questions in our quiz – and all of them relate somehow to design and architecture of course. As readers of our News & Stories or as users of our database you’re bound to know the answers.

How it works:

Like any Advent calendar, each day you have to open a little door on our Christmas Contest, answer the question, and, with a bit of luck, win a great design item. Tradition has it that the first door can be opened on December 1 and the last one on Christmas Eve. Meaning you have 24 opportunities to bag a great prize. By way of a hint: A full text search on Stylepark is one great way to find the right answer if you don’t have it at your fingertips.

There’s a list of all 24 prizes at the bottom of this page.

Anyone aged 18 or over can take part. Stylepark AG staff and their families and staff who work for our sponsors are barred from entry. Prizes cannot be assigned to anyone else, nor can a cash prize be given instead. Participants who win must agree to their name and place of residence being published on the web site. We will inform all winners by email. Winners must collect their prizes by January 31, 2014. Stylepark’s decision is final.

Thanks to all the manufacturers involved for the marvelous products and have a great time guessing the answers – and if you’re lucky enjoying your prize.

Your Stylepark team