Extended: Parked on a changing station, "Morphoz" can be stretched from 4.40 meters to 4.80 meters at the push of a button.


With its “Morphoz” study, Renault presents an approach to the electromobility of the future, combining a city runaround and a luxury limousine in one.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/9/2020

An SUV that can change dimensions: “Morphoz” by Renault can be extended from 4.40 meter to 4.80 meters. This creates more leg room and extra space in the trunk. The extended version also offers space for an additional battery that increases the vehicle’s range from a good 400 kilometers to 700. For the car’s transformation from “city” to “travel” mode, motorists have to stop at a changing station at which the additional battery can be installed and removed again. The basis of the construction is the modular CMF-EV platform created by the Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance. The study is classified for autonomy level 3 - i.e. the driver can transfer control to the car's system for some time in certain situations, such as long motorway journeys.

The features are designed to be all-encompassing: Sensors enable the vehicle to recognize the owner and open the double doors automatically when it does so. The atmosphere in the interior can be personalized, from the lighting mood to the height of the seats, while a smartphone serves as a data source and for identification: It is placed in a holder between the front seats. Meanwhile, the driver can view information about the journey on a 26-centimeter display and can control the functions of the vehicle both by touchscreen and by using hand gestures and voice commands. In color terms, the interior of the “Morphoz” is decked out in yellow: Four brightly upholstered individual seats are incorporated complete with sound systems in the headrests. The passenger seat can tilt and pivot to make communication with those on the back seat easier. The interior is clad in wood and recycled plastic.

When the car is extended into "travel mode", the infotainment display in the centre console is available to passengers in the rear.
Display in the steering wheel: The driver can read the most important driving data on 10.2 inches.

In the design of the exterior, a new Renault LED signature runs across the entire width of the vehicle, with head and taillights at the front and rear forming dynamic lines of light. The bodywork of the “Morphoz” appears compact: There are no external mirrors; instead, external cameras project the traffic situation onto monitors in the interior. Since the internal electronics are cooled via two small openings in the bonnet, the radiator grille has also been designed aerodynamically, while generous 22-inch tires and high-sheen rims emphasize the vehicle’s glamorous appearance.

Which elements of the electric model study will actually make it to market will only become clear in the course of the next few years. However, developing alternatives to the classic combustion engine is a worthwhile endeavor for manufacturers, particularly in light of the stricter limit values for carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union.

"Morphoz" by Renault