Dynamic craftsmanship

Kaschkasch has developed a collection for Renz comprising adaptable furniture for a modern office that includes height-adjustable tables.

"We wanted to develop products that are versatile and can be employed in classic and dynamic office worlds alike," explains Sebastian Schneider from the Cologne design duo Kaschkasch. Elegant in design, enduring in terms of materials, and flexible in use – a host of requirements that Sebastian Schneider and Florian Kallus met in a highly diverse collection for Renz: "Slide". Offering tables that are infinitely adjustable or can be moved around on castors, matching shelving, drawer units and a media element "Slide" is both attractive and provides the basic furniture for equipping a contemporary workspace.

Be it round or rectangular, the tables are not assigned a specific task but can be employed flexibly both as regards use and height. "We didn’t want the tables to look too technical but rather light and dynamic even though the construction is complex," Sebastian Schneider comments. Goal achieved. And they even found an elegant solution for the vertical cable duct thanks to the u-shaped profile of the table legs. Additional details are the flexible cable ducting, mounting boxes and the cable network on the underside of the table. Uneven floor surfaces can be easily offset, as the feet boast adjustable glides. And depending on personal preference it is possible to choose between vertical or angled table legs.

"Slide" by Kaschkasch for Renz stands for versatility but also for the craftsmanship quality of the traditional firm: "In the manufacturer’s workshop the table tops and edges are finished by hand which lends them a special touch," says Sebastian Schneider. For "Slide" Kaschkasch also incorporated solid wood into the range for Renz and for the table tops chose triangular profiles from straight via beveled through to a solid wooden profile edge. As for color scheme customers can chose between white, stone gray, black and pine green – neutral shades intended to foster wellbeing during work.

It is no coincidence that "Slide" offers an ideal basis for pleasant and productive work: Family-run company Renz places its overall focus on just one product development at a time in order to create a product that is perfect in every detail. "We had the exclusive means of being able to get involved at every stage of development and to accompany the project from beginning to end – from the first sketch via prototypes through to the film. That made for an excellent two-way feedback and also resulted in an excellent product," summarizes Florian Kallus. (am)

Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider