Exemplary living

Urban Curve Architecture’s Nick Blunt has come up with a first-rate model house for the WeberHaus’ World of Living building and adventure park. The interior by Rolf Benz meets the high standards of the client and interior architects from Geplan Design.

Nick Blunt, founder of Urban Curve Architecture, explains that the house is based on a solid, geometrical shape with a white, rectangular body that appears to float above the underlying gray stone base. The open architecture of the detached house that he designed for WeberHaus is characterized by a sense of lightness, clear lines and flowing transitions. Aside from glass Blunt relies on wood as a key material something that is also referenced by the olive tree planted at the center of the inner courtyard that extends upwards across both levels of the one-storey building. Larch rods placed in pairs in front of the windows serve both as a dynamic design element and act as a screen.

GEPLAN DESIGN from Stuttgart was in charge of styling the interior of the 335 square meters and selected exquisite materials and furniture that ideally combine craftsmanship and luxury. Rolf Benz is represented with three products from the firm’s highly diverse product portfolio: The “909” table, the “Nuvola” sofa, the “Tondo” bed, with all three are on show in the spacious rooms. Offering many variations in shape and size, Sebastian Herkner’s “909” table harmonizes well with the many wooden surfaces in the house. Geplan Design opted for a compact version with a round table top that supports the striking solid wood base. Installed in the spacious entry area the table can be used for the most important utensils of the day. Thanks to its flowing design “909” can, if needed, be assigned to other spaces or tasks.

Free living spaces set the tone in this detached house and can be divided flexibly into zones thanks to customized sliding elements. Similarly, those areas that can quickly look untidy such as kitchen counter tops or storage spaces can be stylishly tucked away. Cord Glantz and Sabine Ludwig from Geplan Design found suitable furniture in Rolf Benz’ portfolio that lends itself to a wide range of spatial settings: For example, the comfort system range “Nuvola” consists of many individual elements that can be configured and rearranged as required. In the show house, the “Nuvola” sofas made it possible to create an individual living space that in interplay with the transparency of the glazed areas comes across as open and inviting but can equally serve as a calm oasis for relaxation. And the highly elastic cold foam upholstery makes for a comfortable seat.

The floor-level “Tondo” bed by labsdesign for Rolf Benz offers an intimate place to feel safe and relax in with the wraparound headboard seeming to gently hug its occupant. And since the rear of the board is also covered, “Tondo” can either be placed against a wall in the classic style or function as a standalone. “We sought to furnish the prestigious architect’s house in keeping with its modern design and high-quality fittings. In Rolf Benz we found a partner who offers exclusive furnishings that also ensure their users feel good. From our first encounter we had the feeling that we make a good fit. And so we succeeded in creating a wonderful atmosphere in the house,” concludes Heidi Weber-Mühleck, Managing Partner at WeberHaus. (am)

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by Rolf Benz

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