As time goes by

Nendo reflects on the passing of time in the form of four special hourglasses.
| 4/13/2018

Art, design and philosophy come together in the project "Variations of Time" presented by the Japanese design studio Nendo at the Salone del Mobile 2018, which consists of four hourglasses made of acrylic glass. Amorphous sand caverns are cut into the transparent blocks and polished by hand with needles dipped in grinding paste. Each of the four timepieces cleverly varies the simple principle of the hourglass. For example, the sand in a watch falls into a first chamber, which it fills in three minutes before filling another cavity in another two minutes. At the next watch, the sand chooses a different path when the acrylic block is turned so that it is possible to measure both a time span of one and two minutes. A third hourglass has three caverns. If the sand ran out of the first one, one minute has passed, the second one is empty, two minutes have passed. Finally, the fourth watch has three hoppers of different sizes, which are empty after one, two and three minutes. (fap)

Nendo: Forms of Movement

Superstudio Più "Art Point"
Via Tortona 27
17 to 21 April, 10am to 9pm
22 April, 10am to 6pm