Terrazzo for walls

By creating the first light switch and plug socket covers made from concrete, Hungarian brand Sekhina has opened up a completely new field.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 7/13/2020

The power flows behind the mini-terrazzo: Sekhina has boldly gone about hiding the electrical components of switches and plug sockets with a concrete cover. The addition of various pigments produces an individual result that gives the cool character of the material a dynamic note. Right now, every product from Sekhina is produced by hand, since the young company is still seeking the right partner for industrial manufacturing, while an ongoing crowdfunding campaign is set to help the idea to reach market maturity. For the company’s founder Gábor Kasza, the important thing is to listen to the signs of the times and not lose sight of an ecological awareness, even where large volumes are involved.

“Our product contains a maximum of 25 percent cement and we use a specially developed formula that is free from artificial resins and impurities,” says Kasza. The product development was prompted by the material itself: As part of his creative research, the photographer and artist was looking into the possibilities of high-performance concrete, which he reinforced with things like clay minerals and fiberglass to make the switches and plug sockets. Another environmentally compatible element is the invisible impregnation of the concrete covers – grease and stains can be removed from the surface with a quick wipe.