Smart basis for great ideas

Staff at SIGEL, manufacturer of innovative office products, put their heads together with Hamburg designer duo Besau Marguerre and Stylepark and created with "SIGEL Mocon" a modular display board system that makes a smart choice for agile working either from the office or from home.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 1/12/2021

The collection in detail:

Boards – creative canvas

Be it for short notes or for an extensive mind-map, the modular display boards by SIGEL come in various sizes and offer ample individual scope for perfectly visualizing ideas. Thanks to the large selection of different surfaces you are armed for every task: From the magnetic whiteboard to the transparent acrylic glass board that also double up as hygiene protection in the COVID-19 pandemic. For pinning up specimens of textiles, for example, you might choose the acoustic display board from this versatile modular system, which can also be used to optimise the room acoustics. “Thanks to different fixing systems the various display boards – and they can be written on or pinned on, are magnetic and sound absorbing – are ready for use in all work areas and promote both an agile working environment and creative collaboration,” explains Besau Marguerre. And since all the elements are real lightweights the boards can be easily and swiftly moved or combined. Moreover, if desired it is easy to transport your excellent ideas on one of the smaller boards to the next meeting.

Mobile stand – modular core

The mobile stand is the basis and heart piece of the modular display board system "SIGEL Mocon". As looks go, it is slightly reminiscent of a charming serving trolley, setting it well apart from the usual designs of flexible office tools. The metal slit on its top comes with compartments of various heights allowing you to flexibly position and shift individual boards. This means one display board with sketched ideas can swiftly be moved to a different position in a row which makes working with the boards highly intuitive. And if desired you can simply insert into the slit those magazines, books or material samples that go with the project. Made of wood and metal, and with rounded edges, the unit has a pleasantly homely design making it an ideal choice for working from home. The fitting look of the system is decisive in fostering a positive atmosphere: “A very important aspect of the “New Work” development is wellbeing and a sense of appreciation at work. Introducing homeliness into furnishing concepts caters to this need and creates a setting that allows people to work in a relaxed yet focused manner. It encourages stimulating social interaction, leads to greater individual satisfaction and supports productive output,” argues Besau Marguerre.

Moreover, free surfaces for office materials such as highlighters, magnets or Post-Its that were developed to complement the display board system also provide decorative storage space in the lower section of the trolley. As such, there are no limits to creativity on board. And anyone who knows Besau Marguerre is aware that a generous portion of color is also crucial: The spectrum for all elements of the system ranges from traffic white and graphite black via cobalt blue and black green through to two striking signature colors – a soft sulfur yellow and a bright ultramarine blue. “This palette lets you produce fine gradations in the furnishing concepts. You can realize calm, bright working environments where colorful highlights act as eyecatchers but equally classic ensembles in which the prevailing color scene is a subtle one. In this respect we want to provide architect and interior designers with a wide, inspiring range of options,” explain Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau.

Desk stand – variable workplace

As a version for the desk it is also possible to use the unit with the stand slit as a free-standing element, to mount it on the desk or attach it to the tabletop. Then, when fitted with a noise absorbing board, the desk stand can be used say as a partition and simultaneously improves the atmosphere in the room. Moreover, despite the uniform design language of the desk stand it can still be lent an individual touch – from the selection of the color to the option of combining the cabinet using connecting elements they can be adapted to suit personal requirements. This not only means interior designers are free coordinate the appearance of workplaces during planning, but also gives users the option of customizing their work setting using flexible display boards. An optional part of the desk stand is a storage tray that can be fixed using magnets and that also serves to make it more stable.

Wall rail – a flexible, space-saving tool

Thanks to the modular system of Besau Marguerre for SIGEL it is possible to create a large communication area even when space is limited: With the wall rail boards can be placed on a free wall space without needing the mobile stand. And the ingenious idea behind "SIGEL Mocon" remains the same: As with the mobile stand and desk stand the display boards can simply be inserted into the rail rack and can be shifted at any time. Mounted alongside each other and with two formats to choose from the wall rails are an elegant basic product in any setting and you are sure to enjoy developing new ideas with them. The wall rails also come with a stylish tray for depositing pens or notes while you are engaged in your creative work. “What is key to the modular display board system is the agile, versatile tailoring of the various work and spatial situations to the ways that people work,” sums up the creative duo.

In the spirit of New Work whether as a wall-, free-standing- or desk element the modular display board system "SIGEL Mocon" by Besau Marguerre for SIGEL support agile environments wholly in the spirit of New Work and create a tool for intellectual and creative agility. “For us SIGEL stands for the transformation in working worlds and a valuable companion for these future settings,” says Besau Marguerre.

*product images are subject to change*

SIGEL Mocon by Studio Besau Marguerre for SIGEL