Kaschkasch offenbaren
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Jan 18, 2016

Visitors to the Cologne furniture fair can experience how wood and metal can be transformed in an almost self-explanatory way into a seemingly infinitely long table – courtesy of Zeitraum. The Kaschkasch design duo calls its installation “Transformation” and reveals even the tiniest of details of the table it created, which goes by the name of “Rail”.

Is your installation an assembly instruction manual?

Kaschkasch: No, it is not a matter of instructions in the classic sense. Instead, the idea is to render the table’s structure and how it functions quite tangible, which is why we have broken it down into all its constituent parts. Anyone looking closely should then be able to put it back together again with their eyes closed.

Or is it actually a table strip?

We weren’t actually thinking of a striptease when we developed the concept, more of a modification, a compilation, of disassembly, and thus of a transformation. But now that you mention it, a striptease also involves transformation.

Does the name “Rail” have anything to do with the railroad?

We chose the name because of the metal tracks used. When developing the installation we did in fact take a closer look at trains and tracks. We were inspired by the way trains glide, their great stability and the possible “infinity” of the rails. And the underside of the table with the milled grooves is also slightly reminiscent of rail tracks. The name actually derives from the T-profile milled specially for the table. It connects the table top with the base – and you can connect additional top sections or interconnect more than one table.