Stylepark Selected – The Award

Since the start of IMM Cologne, Stylepark's new format has been a permanent fixture at the most important trade fairs for the design and architecture sector. What does Stylepark Selected offer you as a reader? An overview.

What is Stylepark Selected?
Stylepark awards the Stylepark Selected award to outstanding new products at the respective trade fairs.

Who selects the products for the award?
The Stylepark Editorial Team, with almost 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

According to which criteria are Stylepark Selected products selected?
Stylepark deliberately uses subjective criteria in its selection. The products awarded with Stylepark Selected should be seen by every visitor to the respective trade fair. First and foremost, Stylepark sees the award-winning products as having an influence on design development in the near future. This can be a design and technical innovation or an increase in user comfort up to an interesting use of materials.

Would you like to know more? Below you will find all reports on Stylepark Selected, divided by trade fair.