Sweet Smart Home
Nov 19, 2015

For someone in South Germany the dream of owning a house in the country has come true. But what is not immediately evident: the cozy home is full of technology, which offers the owners all kinds of comforts, security and potential savings thanks to a central control system by Gira.

Three gables, a white wooden facade with lattice windows and a covered veranda: the house complete with spacious garden and pool exudes the charm of typical American houses on the New England shoreline. As the owners chose a cozy country house style for the interior, the rooms have a warm feel to them. Thanks to sliding doors, the kitchen and dining area form an open zone to the living room, where the owners had dark parquet flooring laid. Located in the basement the spacious spa zone is an absolute eye catcher where you could easily while away several hours. But the house offers more comfort than that: Gira commissioned system integrator Alexander Carpal from Knet to network all the electrical components via a KNX system so occupants can control all the technical equipment via wall-mounted touch panels, the “Gira Control 9 Clients”, or via Smartphone or tablet. All the data runs via a Home server, the home’s technical “brain”. In practice this means at the touch of a switch the desired lighting scenario can be combined with the owners’ favorite music, the garage door can be open before reaching home, and if needed the garden can also be watered remotely.

However, the technology is not only designed for convenience, but above all security and efficiency. For example, there are customized dimmers networked with motion detectors that switch off when nobody is in the room. In the event of water damage or fire, the owner is automatically notified by e-mail, while sun collectors on the garage roof ensure the energy harvested is ideally distributed via KNX – depending on whether non-potable water or the swimming pool is to be heated. It is of particular advantage to the owners that all the systems are flexible and can be modified if needed: “I largely programmed the components remotely. Meaning if wishes should change later on, then I simply need to re-program things – there’s no need to remove walls or do any re-wiring,” says Alexander Carpal by way of explaining the advantages of the smart sweet home. (sb)


Sweet Smart Home: With their new home in the New England style the owners have brought a piece of the American East Coast to South Germany.
All Photos © Ulrich Beuttenmüller for Gira

Tasteful earthy hues, a lot of wood and carefully arranged accessories – the living room exudes a sense of coziness. What is not visible: lighting, ventilation and audio systems are networked to each other via a KNX system, all the data runs via a Home Server, the system’s core.

From the ventilation via the alarm system through to the garage door: everything can be easily controlled using the Gira touch panels. They also ensure the owners can keep tabs on the house’s energy consumption levels.

Various lighting scenarios and the owners’ favorite music are stored in the “Gira Control 9 Client” and can be called up at any time for a perfect evening watching TV or sitting around the fire.

Gira commissioned system integrator Alexander Kirpal from Kent to network all the electrical systems. The owners can control all the components via the Gira interface on a tablet and smartphone, or via the inconspicuous touch panels.

You see the convenience, but not the technology: the spacious spa zone with atmospheric lighting, sauna, whirlpool and shower.