Technology playground with fun factor
von | Jul 27, 2015

We have already come across them in the high-tech hotel Große Ledder in the Bergisches Land region, and in a private villa in Thuringia: KNX systems are veritable multi-talents, combining various building services engineering applications to ensure that all the components work efficiently with one another. The possible applications for this system are extremely diverse, and not everyone can imagine them unless they have actually tested them for themselves. That is why Gira, in collaboration with Revox, an audio equipment specialist from Switzerland, has fitted out showrooms where architects, planners and developers can try out all the opportunities networked building services engineering has to offer.

System integrator Jürgen Ludwig from the company “Ludwig Licht und Technik” runs the “Gira Revox Studio” in Munich. In what are known as the “Revox Multirooms”, a sort of simulated living room, the networked Gira and Revox technology demonstrates just what it is capable of. Visitors enter a comfortable “living room” and find themselves at a cozy home cinema evening. At a touch of the “Gira Homeserver App” on a smartphone, the screen emerges, the light dims, and lamellas cause the room to darken. Snacks are available at any time in the studio’s fully equipped kitchen, where, in passing, a Gira control panel enables the refrigerator’s energy consumption to be read. And should anyone ring the bell on the showroom door, using “Gira Door Communication” one can see on a display who is at the “front door”. Lighting scenarios and audio landscapes in up to 32 rooms can be controlled using the main device, the “Revox M51”. It is all made possible by the KNX system, which collates all the building services engineering data via a server. Explaining the concept behind the “Multirooms”, Jürgen Ludwig says that “in particular we can present complex solutions well in the showroom: the functions are easier to understand if you can try them out for yourself.” The studios are, however, far more than just showrooms for hearing, seeing, and touching. Indeed, they also provide a platform for all the trades that find inspiration there, exchange ideas and information, and can be advised by system integrators. In total there are over 30 Gira Revox Studio partners with facilities in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Hear, see, touch: The high-tech studio in Munich.
The Munich studio: The “Gira Control Client 19” enables all the technical services to be operated with ease.
Everything at a glance: The “Gira Control Client 19” enables the complex building services engineering components to be understood quickly.
The studio in the Fintrop district of Essen is run by the Beinert family, which has specialized in consumer electronics.
The studio in the Sauerland region: Elegant wooden floors and light surfaces make testing the technology a pleasurable experience.
Gira, in collaboration with Revox, has stylishly equipped over 30 studios in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, like here in Leipzig. All photos © Ulrich Beuttenmüller for Gira
Technology with perfect aesthetics: The Munich studio with part of the Gira switch range and door communication.
The Berlin (Wildau) studio: Networked via the KNX system, entertainment and wellness solutions are demonstrated in the converted barn.
Bright white presentation surfaces, which really highlight the products, were chosen for the Frankfurt studio.
A smart liaison: In the “living room” in Essen you can sit comfortably in front of the TV while enjoying the most beautiful of lighting scenarios.