British terrazzo

In the restaurant of the boutique hotel The Dixon in London you are seated at the table with "Altrock" by Robin Grasby.

Where decisions about life and death were once made in London, today you can cross the threshold without a thump on your heart: The listed building from 1905 by architect John Dixon Butler was once the seat of the district court and the police station of the Tower of London. Today, the more than 200 stately rooms serve the boutique hotel The Dixon. In addition to numerous historical elements, the luxurious guest house also offers a glimpse into the future: furniture and industrial designer Robin Grasby has designed 35 table tops from "Altrock", a terrazzo for which he mainly uses recycled materials from the marble industry, for the in-house restaurant The Provisioners. Dust, chips and fragments of marble are bonded with resin. The result is graphic thanks to the addition of colour pigments in special colours. Wax oil ensures waterproof sealing. Individual sizes and shapes could also be realised due to manual casting. "The restaurant is practically an Altrock sample box," says Robin Grasby. (am)