Alison Knowles: The House of Dust (1967/2021), Wiesbaden, Germany, TECLA - A project by WASP and Mario Cucinella Architects. Location: Wiesbaden, Kranzplatz

Architecture to be

"TinyBe" seeks a dialogue between art, science, architecture and business with residential sculptures and offers visitors the option to stay in them temporarily for an individual experience of space.

Sculptures that are temporarily inhabitable: From 26 June to 26 September 2021, the exhibition and event format "tinyBE" in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden will show a total of nine works that stimulate questions about the places we need to live and work and how future coexistence as a society is possible. The artists' answers range from utopian and dystopian ideas to very practical approaches.

"Bodybuilding (Mies van der Rohe)" by Christian Jankowski, for example, shows a massive concrete sculpture inspired by those expansive monuments created in honour of 20th century architects. Inside, there is a relief by Mies van der Rohe that will also be functional, thus questioning the predominant use of monstrous concrete monuments. Alison Knowles, on the other hand, is creating a domicile from the 3D printer with "The House of Dust" (1967/2021) in reference to her 1967 work of the same name. The poem, independently generated by a computer, thus becomes a building and thematises the tense relationship between man and machine.

The inhabitable sculpture made of fungal material "MY-CO SPACE" by the artist collective MY-CO-X questions what and how we can learn from fungal cultures, networks and architectures. The interdisciplinary collective work thus enables an artistic-scientific discussion about a future social significance of fungi for the creation of places and spaces. "vista 3,5°" temporarily changes an already existing work and thus creates new perspectives: Beatrice Bianchini and Robin Wenzel from the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main and Andrea Strehl from the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main under the direction of Prof. Matthias Wagner K from the Museum Angewandte Kunst will extend the fountain designed by Richard Meier in the Metzlerpark of the Museum Angewandte Kunst with a wooden installation and other materials. The theoretical concept of the lecture series thus materalises as a decentralised discourse. At the same time, "vista 3,5°" creates space for the creates space for the accompanying series of events tinyMONDAYS, which will offer a cross-generational dialogue on meaningful living and visions of the future and thus promote interdisciplinary exchange on issues of sustainability of alternative living and living spaces.

The artists were only given the information that their works should take up a maximum of 30 square metres and be made of sustainable resources. The habitable sculptures are freely accessible from the outside at all times. Guided tours and Day and Night Experiences can be booked online for access to the interior. The proceeds will go to the non-profit art initiative "tinyBe". (am)

tinyBE - living in a sculpture - #1 Frankfurt/M - Darmstadt - Wiesbaden

Curator: Cornelia Saalfrank, Co-curator: Katrin Lewinsky

Opening in Frankfurt a.M.:
Friday, 25 June 2021, 5 p.m.
Metzlerpark of the Museum Angewandte Kunst
Schaumainkai 15
60594 Frankfurt a.M.
With works by Christian Jankowski, Terence Koh, Laure Prouvost, Mia Eve Rollow & Caleb Duarte, Sterling Ruby, Thomas Schütte, MY-CO-X, Charlotte Posenenske

Opening in Darmstadt:
Sunday, 27 June 2021, 12 p.m.
Schleiermacherstraße 16
64283 Darmstadt
With a work by Onur Gökmen

Opening in Wiesbaden:
Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 1 p.m.
65183 Wiesbaden
With a work by Alison Knowles

Christian Jankowski: Bodybuilding (Mies van der Rohe), 2021 visualisation Bodybuilding (Mies van der Rohe) by Christian Jankowski, tinyBE #1. Location: Frankfurt a.M., Metzlerpark