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The town’s living rooms

Troldtekt A/S ensures perfect acoustics in multipurpose cultural centers.

Social meeting places are indispensable for a vibrant local scene in an urban quarter, which is why multipurpose cultural centers are enjoying immense popularity as places to enjoy shared leisure activities regardless of the size of the community. In Scandinavia in particular there is a demand for the joint use of cultural institutions. So as to afford each group in the building ideal acoustics for its particular needs, Troldtekt A/S, a leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic solutions, has fitted out the walls and ceilings of numerous cultural centers with wood wool acoustic panels.

The Kulturhavn Gilleleje in the Danish coastal town by the same name not only provides a municipal library, cinema and restaurant, but also enough space for local clubs to hold their events. Skovhus Architects designed the building with rustic-looking surfaces of wood and concrete. Fluid transitions between the rooms make for flexible usage. The acoustic panels are used to clad both the ceilings and walls. Made of wood and cement, the panels are an ideal visual addition to the overall appearance of the building. In addition to their primary property of improving acoustics, the panels made of natural materials also provide a healthy indoor climate and effective fire protection.

Troldtekt products are also ideal for restructuring projects. In Copenhagen, for example, Arcgency Arkitekter converted a church into the Folkehuset Absalon community center. Both the ceiling and underside of the elevated walkway in the building are clad with black acoustic panels that pleasantly dampen the sound in what was once a very poorly soundproofed building. For the conversion of the school Nørre Vium in the eponymous rural Danish community, architecture office Erik Brandt Dam abandoned the highly partitioned structure of small spaces and used new large glass panels to create an airier look. To preserve the charm of the old school, the former doors and tiles are integrated into the new concept for this modern community center. Troldtekt acoustic panels are matched to the building’s new color scheme conceived by artist Malene Bach – the varied palette ranges from black to a light natural tone. As such, the “town’s living rooms” not only offer a diverse array of leisure activities, but also a pleasant atmosphere for adults and children alike.  
Without the commitment of local citizens many of the multipurpose cultural centers would not be able to be realized, even though they typically receive generous public funding. The cultural institutions Folkehuset Absalon in Copenhagen and the Nørre Vium School demonstrate that things can be done differently: Folkehuset Absalon is privately owned, while the Nørre Vium School was purchased by the local residents for communal use. (am)