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A perfect setting for the sea view

The restaurant Strandtangen combines modern Scandinavian cuisine with modern Nordic design. And the acoustic panels from the new "Troldtekt Line" series fit in perfectly.

The Strandtangen restaurant in Skive, Denmark really stands out for its modern Scandinavian style – not only in its cuisine but also in its architecture and design. The menu by chef Halldór Ásmundsson features dishes that rely strongly on regional products. First and foremost, these are naturally fish and seafood – after all, the Baltic Sea begins right on the restaurant’s doorstep. The immense panoramic windows that wrap round the restaurant are designed to provide guests with a fantastic view of the Skivefjord more or less from any vantage point in the restaurant. Interior architect Søren Vester deliberately concentrated in his concept in making such a marvelous view possible and chose a very restrained design for the walls, ceilings, furniture and floors. This makes it all the more important for the few materials that are used to be of an excellent quality, like the acoustic panels from Troldtekt’s new “Troldtekt Line” series, which were installed as cladding both on the ceiling and walls.

Thanks to the Troldtekt panels Søren Vester was able to realize the restaurant in a modern, pared-back design language without the open plan room having problematic acoustics. In other words, he succeeded in creating a space that wholly reflects the design tradition of Scandinavian Modernism. There are simple shell chairs and tables with tops of oak matching the oak flooring. The bar top is likewise made of oak while a glass cube accommodates the wine cellar.

Black and anthracite are the prevailing colors of the room. Walls and ceilings are also in black like the chairs and table frames. The dark shades provide the perfect setting for the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. With the “Troldtekt Line” acoustic panels Vester found an ideal medium for designing the large expanses of ceiling. The Troldtekt elements made of the natural materials wood and cement are decorated with a groove relief that enlivens the surface and lends it a three-dimensional look. A further advantage: Thanks to the vertical grooves the joints between the panels become invisible. Søren Vester himself comments that “Troldtekt Line melds the entire space into a coherent whole. I think that’s great.” (fap)