Tubes Radiatori 2021: MILANO/HORIZONTAL

With sculptural radiators, the Italian company Tubes Radiatori allows new scope in design: "Milano/Horizontal" invites you to rethink interiors.

Radiators are perceived more as a functional necessity than as a design statement. Tubes Radiatori proves time and again that this need not be the case: instead of limiting itself to classic forms, the Italian company revolutionises the concept of the radiator and transforms it into a sculptural element. A good example is "Milano" from 2006, which was designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti and is now available in a horizontal version for wall or floor installation. With its expressive and at the same time supple design language, "Milano/Horizontal" invites you to use the radiator as a style-defining element in interior design. Available in two lengths, equipped with electric operation and controllable via touch commands that enable both switching on and off as well as various temperature settings, "Milano/Horizontal" offers a comfortable variety in design and operation. By connecting it to a wireless thermostat, individual programming of the functions is also possible.