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Presented:Salone del Mobile 2012, Milan
Categories: Fireplaces / Heating elementsHeating elements
Product description

Creativity meets with technique, harmonising functionality and look in Trame, the radiator with exciting lines and outstanding versatility, the latest edition to the Elements collection by Tubes.
A Stefano Giovannoni design, Trame revolutionises the heating element with its free and light approach, introducing a totally new way to consider a household object which, until not that long ago, was seen as of little interest from an interior design point of view.
This reinterpretation of the traditional radiator is a theme Tubes has been working on for some time now, obtaining results which at times have been on the edge of contemporary art - as with add-On, included in the Pompidou Centre collection in Paris. And now they have gone even further.
With Trame, the traditional steel tubular elements have become slim coloured threads which, with lightness and flexibility, follow-on from each other between the warp and the weft, creating a fabric of heat. Flowing lines repeat themselves in a delicate play of planes and spaces, while the metal lends itself to changeable, soft and three- dimensional effects to inhabit the walls of anywhere in the home.
The project is a complete technological innovation: for the first time the valves are not dependent on the heater and are connected remotely, so as not to affect the softness of the design in any way. Depending on the light and the observer’s point of view, the fine tubular elements that make up Trame appear to change in consistency and move in a curved fashion, making the radiator a multifaceted object that is never the same.
Trame is available in horizontal and vertical versions from 51.5 to 190 cm and comes in three distinct models: TRAME 14, TRAME 20 and TRAME 28, based on the diameter of the tubular elements chosen.
Giovannoni’s design fits perfectly with the ideal line which characterises the Elements collection, the expression of the research and experimental work with which Tubes explores a new concept of the radiator. Trame was conceived not only as a system component, but as an essential part of the architectural structure and interior design, with a strong personality and always able to guarantee the maximum in practical performance.

Tubes, Italy

Stefano Giovannoni