Two showrooms by acdc

Anyone traveling to Scotland tends to be interested in a good whisky, too. And The Scotch Shop in Edinburgh is the vey place where on a tour you learn all the details of the drink’s history and whisky-making – and to make certain not just the tour but your subsequent time choosing which whisky you want to buy is a grand experience, the interior architects at Bright 3D have come up with a special design – together with light artist Malcolm Innes. They chose a combination of the latest lighting technology and more traditional elements and materials: the carpets spread around the store with their subdued color tones in a typical Scottish check provide a pleasant warm mood, the furniture and floors are made of wood. Firmly in the center of attention: the whisky, which is perfectly highlighted by the lighting for the bottle shelves – using integrated LEDs from British manufacturers acdc. Various different downlight types and a linear luminaire are used. At the end of the salesroom stands a presentation wall that meets exceptional standards and special LEDs illuminate it in different degrees of brightness and colors to visualize how whisky is “blended” from various grains to form a smooth finish.

acdc has been a member of the international Zumtobel Group since 2015 and provides architectural lighting solutions for discerning projects. The range of services extends from facades to interior lighting and from hotels and restaurants to stores and showrooms. In particular, discerning presentations of products in a salesroom call for an intelligent use of lighting. A prime example: in a town with the pleasant name of Bellevue in Washington State. For a new showroom for a new Porsche dealership, the light designers at Studio Lux wanted powerful ceiling downlights that quite literally presented the expensive autos in radiant fashion. The choice was acdc’s 360+ luminaire, a small but powerful, frameless dual ceiling downlight. Thanks to the LED technology it is especially bright and therefore creates the desired effect: the reflection emphasizes the cars’ lines and contours as well as the perfectly painted almost flowing surfaces and colors. Moreover, the downlights were easy to integrate into the curved underframe of the ceiling.

Be it whisky or Porsche, acdc’ LED luminaires create the room atmosphere the client wants and a finely calibrated lighting scenario ideal for the particular products on show. In this way, two completely different products, luxury autos and an amazing liquor, both appear in the very best light. (ks)

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When designing the interior of The Scotch Shop in Edinburgh the topic of whisky was the key: the colors of the Scottish national drink in the different bottles was brought to life by the lights behind the rows of shelves. Photo © acdc
The cars exhibited in the new Porsche showroom in Bellevue (Washington) sparkle and gleam seductively. The spotlights used had to be dazzle-free and remain invisible to the yey, when also offsetting different ceiling heights. Photo © acdc
The lighting planners at acdc opted for their 360+ luminaire to do the job: a small but powerful double ceiling spotlight. Thanks to LED technology, these spotlights are especially bright, thus emphasizing the autos’ contours and dynamic fly-lines. Photo © acdc

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