Villeroy & Boch 2021: TWISTFLUSH

Economical cleanliness – "TwistFlush" from Villeroy & Boch conserves water as a resource while giving grime no chance.

"TwistFlush" is the name of the new WC flush system from Villeroy & Boch that harnesses the power of water in all models in the current Subway 3.0 collection. The new technology ensures powerful flushing and flushing of surfaces, which, in conjunction with the extra-smooth walls and the conical shape of the bowls, means that flushing is usually no longer necessary. With a maximum of 4.5 litres per flush, "TwistFlush" thus saves water as a resource. Thanks to the almost complete surface rinsing, water splashes and aerosols can also be avoided. With "TwistFlush", Villeroy & Boch thus offers a future-oriented sanitary technology that is hygienic, sustainable and also quiet: the whirling of the water causes significantly less noise than with conventional toilets. (am)

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