Delicate Lines, Matte Colors

Villeroy & Boch has now brought out new models in its “Loop & Friends” range. These offer greater flexibility in bathroom design.

Villeroy & Boch has brought out a new and creative addition to the Loop & Friends collection, one which clearly accentuates the basin’s sinuous lines, whether it is a countertop version, comes as part of a built-in unit, or as part of a washstand – Delicate frames and matte hues make for the kind of restrained chic look that could is very much in tune with the spirit of the times we live in. The depth of the washbasin highlights it functionality and makes the user’s daily routine a more pleasant experience. Round, oval or rectangular – the wide variety of options means that the product is ideal for fitting in with all kinds of different bathroom interiors. The formula for this particularly slimline sanitary ware is explained by its materials: “Titanceram is a material that allows us to manufacture products with extremely thin yet robust walls,” comments Arno Stutz, who works in global ceramic development at Villeroy & Boch. For the product, natural raw materials such as feldspar, quartz and clay are fused together. Real research work is called for here to make it possible for the walls and edges of the basins to be as thin as possible, because “before finishing, it must be possible to handle the basin without shattering it,” explains Stutz.

What guarantees the ultimate quality standards at Villeroy & Boch is a constant quality control at every stage and the fact that the production takes place at the company’s own factory in Mettlach in the state of Saarland – from the development of the fine fire clay to the die-casting, the glaze and the firing process. The high standards apply equally to the manufacture of the new bathtubs from the Loop & Friends collection which translate the filigree lines of the washbasin into acrylic, which comes in oval or rectangular shapes and in sizes of 180 x 80 centimeters or 170 x 75 centimeters, as well as posting an interior depth of 44 centimeters, which saves on water. Moreover, if you want to transform the bathtub into a spa a cascade filler or a whirlpool system can also be installed. In terms of color these additions to Villeroy & Boch’s Loop & Friends collection offer exciting new design options: With a range of matte shades stretching from the jet-black Ebony to the elegant gray Graphite and the warm beige tone that is Almond. “The latter also boasts a certain textured quality,” says Stutz. Moreover, there is never any doubt about the surfaces because all Villeroy & Boch products are coated with a CeramicPlus finish which makes them acid and alkali resistant, as well as protecting them from spotting. Alongside these particularly robust features and their aesthetically pleasing design, this sanitary ware is easy to clean.

Furthermore, because there are simply so many different possibilities for designing a bathroom with Loop & Friends Villeroy & Boch has also come up with a guide – the 3 x 3 x 3 concept – three types, three kinds of installation and three colors. This formula can be used to flexibly adapt the collection to users’ own bathroom design projects. And a harmonious interaction with other products by this company so steeped in tradition is another consideration, with the WCs from the "Subway 2.0" range also being available in the matte shades Ebony, Graphite and Almond. The cupboards in the "Legato" collection represent a harmonious way to complement the Loop & Friends washstands, as well as offering plenty of storage space. One ideal way of staging this kind of bathroom is to fit the latter out with LED lighting.