The Villeroy & Boch bathroom series "O.novo Kids" is functional and encourages children to enjoy trying it out.

Colorful fun for the bathroom

The “O.novo Kids” collection from Villeroy & Boch proves that washrooms for children can offer more than just smaller versions of sanitation ceramics.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/27/2018

For the Waldorf kindergarten in Voerde nr. Ennepetal, RSA Architects and construction project developer Materio have created a timber-framed building with a flat roof and an untreated larch wood façade that delivers maximum freedom for designing the floor plan. Thanks to the prefabricated elements, the building’s shell was in place in just two weeks on a plot measuring 715 square meters. On the inside, the architects again make use of wood from native forests – from the floors to the interior. Heat pump technology and highly efficient insulation help to make the building eco-friendly.

For the sanitation facilities, general contractor Materio opted for products from Villeroy & Boch. The “O.novo Kids” bathroom series is functional and encourages children to try things out. The row of sinks, for example, measures 130 centimeters and incorporates various heights and depths, and is thus suited to different age groups. The mixer lever handles are equipped with large round openings so that even the smallest users are able to operate them independently and adjust water pressure and temperature themselves. Scald protection ensures safety. For the toilets, age-appropriate toilet seats can be chosen based on children’s differing sizes, and these are color-coded in red, blue or yellow, thus further fostering independence. The signal colors enable children to understand the function of the operating elements intuitively, so they are prompted to operate these by themselves. Especially for the very youngest, a removable foam seat has been created, modelled on the ergonomic form of a potty. The nursery’s comprehensive facilities include a suitable shower, which is operated using a broad lever for ease of use. With an eye on optimum hygiene, the “O.novo Kids” sanitary ceramics from Villeroy & Boch can also be equipped with the easy-clean CeramicPlus surface and the antibacterial AntiBac glaze. “The ‘O.novo Kids’ bathroom series is an appealing product that has been not only very well thought through but very well received by the children,” comments site manager Johannes Berger from Materio.

Over a length of 130 centimetres, the row washbasin offers various heights and depths, which are adapted to different age groups.
Depending on body size, an age-appropriate seat ring in red, blue or yellow can be selected for the WCs, which supports independence.
Especially for the youngest children, a removable foam seat ring has been designed to resemble the ergonomic shape of a children's potty.