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The “hotel” by the Danish company Vipp, which manufactures home utensils, follows a concept where the number of beds is certainly not the focus of attention.
by Fabian Peters | 12/14/2017

The metal goods producer Vipp, which manufactures an iconic pedal bin, is entering the hotel business. Yet to put it mildly, growth will be organic: There are essentially only two guest rooms available. Indeed, the somewhat tongue-in-cheek name “Vipp hotel” refers to just two, albeit extraordinary, lodgings. The “Vipp shelter” is a small holiday bungalow made of black steel and located in a Swedish forest, providing on a space measuring 55 square meters everything you need for a secluded, relaxed weekend. It is not only nature that seems to have a slowing-down effect here; the specially selected, pared-down interior is also designed to help guests refocus. The “Vipp loft” in contrast, designed by Studio David Thulstrup, measures 400 square meters and is located in a historical building in Copenhagen’s harbor district. The third room of the Vipp hotel is set to open soon in a further historical building in the Danish capital. So it would seem that the path to becoming a hotel empire is already mapped out.