A table for all situations in life

Werner Aisslinger has designed the robust "1140" table for Thonet that boasts a host of ingenious details. It has excellent chances of becoming something that accompanies its owner through all the various phases in life.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/14/2021

The brief was for a table or more accurately the archetype of a table. One that suits all situations: Not ornate, made of sustainable material, sturdy yet still flexible. A table that makes life easier and with respect to the student apartment project BaseCamp in Lyngby, Denmark, can be put to a variety of uses. Werner Aisslinger took on this challenge for Thonet and came up with "1140", a rectangular model with milled table-top corners. "The big challenge was finding a way of connecting the legs to the top in a subtly attractive way," explains Aisslinger. And this was managed perfectly. However, should a slight but striking accent be required then the diecast aluminum units are available as an individual customized version rather than in polished aluminum or anthracite gray power coating. For the BaseCamp Lyngby Aisslinger selected a finish in a bright orange.

The designer was inspired by bridge building concepts when dreaming up the ingenious support structure. If two models are lined up as desks then the slightly rounded outer side of the table legs allows for a practical cable hole. As regards the material Aisslinger chose a sustainable option: FSC-certified oak, solid for the legs, veneer for the table top. And the top manages without a large underframe: Even in the longest version, there is no need for a stabilizing strut. Consequently, the table seems light and carefree even though it is so sturdy that you could dance on it, he says. Moreover, chairs with armrests can also be pushed under the table which is not only an advantage where space is limited but also makes for a more harmonious overall appearance. "1140" comes in four lengths, 1.00, 2.00, 2.20 or 2.40 meters and one meter wide. "In design history there are few such large tables without frames that can claim to be as sturdy as the ‘1140’," argues Werner Aisslinger. The great variation in lengths also means a lot of scope for installing the table in rooms of different sizes or combining them as required. "Tables are like stages on which life is lived intensively over generations," sums up Aisslinger. With the "1140" for Thonet he has created a new stage that is just waiting to accompany us, every day, in every task.

Thonet | Table 1140 | Werner Aisslinger