Regula Lüscher, the former Senate Building Director of Berlin, in front of a construction site.


The publication "Frauen Bauen Stadt" from Birkhäuser Verlag and the 3sat documentary "Frauen bauen. Wie Architektinnen die Baukunst erobern" show the work of female urban planners with international examples.

The publication "Frauen Bauen Stadt" (Women Building Cities) by the editors Wojciech Czaja and Katja Schechtner portrays a total of 18 female architects from Elizabeth Diller to Emily Warren Roebling and, in interdisciplinary interviews, explores the question of how urban planning presents itself in theory and practice from a female perspective and which role female designers, architects and urban planners will assume in the industry in the future. In the documentary "Women Build. Wie Architektinnen die Baukunst erobern" by Johanna Behre, female architects such as Regula Lüscher or Sabina Riß also give statements on all aspects of their profession: leadership and authority, genius cult, creativity, pressure, competition, understanding of roles and social responsibility. Two well-done publications that go beyond stereotypes and clichés to show how women architects shape our world. (am)

Frauen Bauen Stadt
The City Through a Female Lens

Wojciech Czaja and Katja Schechtner (eds.)
208 pages | 132 illustrations
Language: German/ several interviews in English
ISBN: 978-3-0356-2432-8
38 euros